SOLF INTERNATIONAL has been designed to make funding more readily available and a one stop shop for buyers of real estate as well as businesses. There are many things to consider before making major purchases like a home or investment. You must first be sure it makes financial sense. Then, check the market to see its potential for growth. After that find ways of protecting your assets. Now you have to find an asset(s) to purchase yourself calling different brokers to get information. This can be a lot for one person to do themselves fortunately we are designed to assist our clients through the whole process.


SOLF INTERNATIONAL structure easily incorporates advancements in technology that will improve the process efficiency boosting the economy and securing the financial future of the world. Each department will continue to make strategic partnerships, investments even acquisitions of other organizations in order to enhance our process and/or become more profitable while creating jobs as well as opportunities to earn income. Our simple structure will allow us to continue to evolve through time and even space. Our pace is not that of a simple race but of a marathon. Our focus will continue to be on longevity accumulating a wealth of knowledge for the future. Because in all reality there is no end or limit there is just a perpetual cycle of new beginnings.


SOLF INTERNATIONAL is a brokerage firm with a process in place to screen clients ensuring time is not being wasted on both ends whether it`s finance, market data, insurance, real estate or investments we got you covered. If a client is not ready we will prepare them by having them work with our team of professionals who will give them guidance. SOLF INTERNATIONAL is divided into 5 departments FINANCE,MARKETPLACE, LOGISTICS, REAL ESTATE and INVESTMENTS in this order through our process to better serve our clients. We collaborate with different organizations for our clients so they may focus on other things as we are the one stop shop solution to investing. We make things happen for our clients at SOLF INTERNATIONAL providing “Everything You’ll Need To Achieve”.cea6c-10808914_505673579573317_952237791_n

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